Organized Crime Awareness

Anything mentioned on this website shouldn't be happening.

How can I seek the proper Power of Attorney arrangement to regain control of my body as expected? Children are in control of my body. I'm entitled to a defense. Authorities continue to interfere with this concern.

The only way I get liberty is with exposure of the crime.

Any attorneys capable of pushing paperwork with courts to abruptly end this problem with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger’s FCC report? It should allow an attorney to have a list of IoT providers for a subpoena. I don't want to be sold out to stalkers pushing buttons. Authorities owe me a proper Power of Attorney arrangement with an appropriate attorney unless they're accessory to murder. What's expected to be written on this website to end the problem doesn't happen without help from other people. I can't execute thoughts to get an attorney to do something with the FCC report to improve my life as expected. I don't think it's possible without moving far away from Rock Island military base as some crooked laws are a problem. At least two states away. I wish someone could offer me a legal address to live bypassing HUD waiting lists.

Police are expected to defend the U.S. Constitution by oath.

Each officer can be held personally responsible.

Police are not willing to look the other way while someone tells me what's going on.

People routinely contact police which doesn't end the crime. A large corporation needs to catch the criminals.

I contacted FBI and congress for a solution and didn't get results

Criminals put implants in me to murder in cold blood.

Criminals have the capability to possess my body to perform any actions without my consent.

UnityPoint management put me at Ricaurte & Associates in Rock Island, IL on August 9th 2016 @ 2:45pm to sign a fraudulent agreement that prevents: right to an attorney, charges from previous personal injury, Power of Attorney, implant removal, justice, and other people telling me details about the hate crime as authorities prevent it. UnityPoint management made this possible. I filed a complaint on UnityPoint’s hotline. Lawyers representing UnityPoint contacted me about the fraudulent agreement before employees began gaslighting me about it. I filed a complaint with IL Department of Professional Regulation against UnityPoint management on 8/16/2016. The investigator with IL Department of Professional Regulation told me management with UnityPoint lied to him before he stopped talking to me. Information about this may still be on file. It may be possible to reopen the case. UnityPoint employees prevent me from writing what's seen here.

UnityPoint management attempts to sponsor a school shooting reducing rate and proficiency of my thoughts. UnityPoint management uses volts and kids to wind me up doing irrational things.

Criminals involved with the implants never get caught after 25 years.

Criminals frequently test what they can get away with.

I can’t find a personal injury attorney to end the crime.

Eavesdropping stalls medical procedures, consultation from attorneys, and Equal Access to higher education.

It’s inhumane for humans to have anything within their body against their will. A reason why people are locked up rather than roaming streets with implants in them. My enemies will never get this point. I simply need rights I'm entitled. Hate crimes lead people to think otherwise until my life ends.

I ask everyone to ignore mysterious thought readers. Implant manufactures aren’t expected to figure consequences of implants working with additional implants. Four implants in my head allow implants to pass signals to other implants with my brain in between.

No one should expect me to know things. I’m simply trying to get implants removed as quickly as inserted.

A criminal is seeking more people to unknowingly get in the way of justice as new people don’t know things. How long has this crime been unresolved? Have faith there are other people who can resolve the crime if more people turn down invites to be involved. Children shouldn’t be involved with anything. They’re too gullible and don’t understand politics.

I ask everyone be angry without inflicting: injustice, harm, or unfair business practices on me.

I was cold-cocked during a series of home invasions after my locks were bumped. Implants were inserted to kill me. Gang stalkers play the role of a Nazi and continuously attempt to hunt or suicide me while implants remain intact. Obstruction of justice is a serious problem for me. Crooked authorities don’t want the implants removed till my death.

Property owners need to take responsibility for children and ban organized criminals from their property. Filing a Criminal Trespass Notice helps. People who don’t know right from wrong don’t think there are consequences pushing buttons on gang stalking interfaces. I share the URL to reduce harm caused from gang stalking until implants are removed.

No one should be using the URL for this website as an excuse to trespass, stalk, or hunt me. The URL indicates a crime with intention of people understanding harm is done from the implants. The URL was created as last resort to fight an information war. I was unable to obtain Power of Attorney or obtain consultation from an appropriate attorney.

People need to be called out for their hate crimes.

Psycho killers typically gaslight or speak with psycho terms and vocabulary (http://www.psychcrime.org).

I want someone to tell me the prerequisites for implant removal.

I want someone to tell me the prerequisites for justice.

I don't have god given rights to my body as expected.

My soul cannot control my body as expected.

It’s a challenge for me to function. There are implants in me wired in my nervous system. Implants control my body without congruence of my thoughts. They create an illusion of freedom I don’t have.

I can't speak or execute thoughts as expected.

People have to push buttons allowing me to have thoughts.

Implants within me can brainwash me to do whatever my enemy wants my body to do.

I'm heavily tortured.

Some playboys will kill to get their way. One implant was inserted during Iraq war and memory of Uday Hussein remains. An attorney needs to deal with local military on this concern.

Not everyone treats others as they'd like to be treated.

Stupid people don't understand they hate me.

I wish I had Power of Attorney to save my life.

Implant companies aren't expected to make security a priority no matter how impressive their capabilities may seem.

I wish engineers could help me get implants removed ASAP (As Soon As Possible).

Interesting Fact: I’m the same age and started attending Northern Illinois University same year as the Northern Illinois University shooter in national news. Northern Illinois University Human Resource Department was unwilling to help after an implant was inserted through my nose in Dekalb county during my second semester of enrollment. I fight for my life every day. The blood is on their hands.

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